I Love Chick-fil-A

Respect each other.

Do unto others…

Be nice.

They all sound simple, but more-and-more, I’m seeing people on both sides of the gun issue violating these simple rules.  This is in response to the Panera Bread CEO asking people not to bring guns “into this environment.”

My response?  “Ok, no problem.”  Done.

Why is that so hard?

Yes, I love the 2nd Amendment.  Browse around my blog site sometime.  Yes, I carry a gun everyday.  Yes, I’m fanatical about self-defense, about guns, about having a natural and inherent right to suppressors, full-auto M249 machine guns, kubotons, light sabers, tactical pens, nunchucks, and Boba Fett body armor.  All at the same time.

But I’m also a fan of society functioning as smoothly as possible and the mantra of “live and let live” or even “live and let die.”  Now hopefully that song is stuck in your head like it is mine.  All the versions.

You see, I’m a huge fan of private property rights.  I think it’s astonishing that people would even conceive of the idea of using government’s power to force a bakery to make them a cake they’re uncomfortable making.  And if you agree with my position on that, hopefully you will also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the idiot CEO of Panera Bread, even though – and especially when – you disagree with him.

Did you know I’ve never seen a “no guns” sign at Chick-fil-A?



Respect private property rights.  Don’t be the a-hole that says “I don’t care what their rules are, I’m carrying there anyway.”  Pick one: your choice to carry a gun or their food.  The beauty of capitalism is that there’s always somewhere else that will gladly take your money.  And I lived in Minot, ND for 4 years, so I understand the concept of a restaurant monopoly.  Heck, I drove an hour-and-a-half one time on a Tuesday just to go to Red Lobster, but that’s another story.

I support the Christian bakery owner’s rights just the same as the Panera Bread idiot’s rights.  But that doesn’t mean I have to give them a nickel of my money.  Maybe Jesus was onto something with the whole “do unto others” thing.  Society works when we can hear something (or see something, like, say, a no guns sign) we absolutely fundamentally disagree with and say “Wow, ok, cool” and then walk away.  Some people on both sides of the aisle could use a refresher in that lesson.  Let’s all be adults and start respecting those we disagree with.  That’s my $0.02.

Carry on, Colorado!


4 comments on “I Love Chick-fil-A

  1. Thomas J. Aikman says:

    Way to go Jeff!
    Your best one yet sir!

  2. Cindy Meek says:

    So well said, Jeff. This is part of what makes America great-the right to disagree agreeably. Seems like bullying tactics are what more and more people want, from Trump to Al Sharpton to Obama.

    Love you, son. MOM

    Sent from my iPhone


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