MAG Use of Deadly Force Instructor

Jenna nailed it. Carry on!

Jenna is Carrying On ... Again

As many of you may already know, Jeff and I are newly minted Massad Ayoob Group Use of Deadly Force Instructors.  This class was held at the lovely Firearms Academy of Seattle, which is becoming my home away from home.  We may be the only MAG certified instructors in the state of Colorado.  If that is the case, then I am honored to have become the first, as I was presented my class completion certificate before Jeff (wink, wink).  Thanks to Gail and Mas for arranging the certificates that way.

Massad Ayoob and me 2015 Mas and me 2015

Mas and Jeff 2015 Mas and Jeff 2015

This class was a 5 day (40+ hour) long event.  There were a whopping 42 students in the class from all over the country, all of which were Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network members and/or affiliated instructors by the end of the week if they weren’t when they arrived.  It is also…

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