I think I think…

Nothing like an annual 4+ day BBQ with like-minded people from all over the world to help you understand how little you know about the true nature of self-defense.  I think I still have much to learn.  Here’s a few more:

  • I think being nice is highly underrated.  The people most acquainted with perpetuating violence are the same ones who know how to avoid it.  And they’re some of the genuinely nicest people I know.  (rest assured – my friends are all on the “good side” now)  Nothing diffuses the situation quite like a sincere apology or buying a round of drinks.  To steal a quote from someone I won’t name but many of you know, “I have no problem being rude on purpose.  I just don’t want to be rude on accident.”
  • I think violence at the hands of a woman is a topic no one wants to discuss.  So of course it was one of the bigger discussion areas at the BBQ this year.  Some things I learned:
    • Women are more likely to use weapons.  Beer bottles, glasses, table legs, pencils, razor blades… are effective.  And scary as hell.
    • For thousands of years, men have been fighting in ways that leave no real permanent, crippling injuries.  Women fight to make someone bleed.
    • Women are just as likely to attack a man as another woman.  One of my favorite BBQ quotes this year, and I won’t name the source out of respect, was “So, are women more likely to attack other women instead of men?”  The answer: “Well, about half the time.”
    • Men can fight, get all the aggression out, and then go have a beer afterwards.  When women fight, they still want to kill each other decades later.  Literally.
  • I think that any night that ends with sipping Scotch isn’t entirely complete unless you smell like smoke afterwards.  And no one was smoking.  Side note: seriously, my coffee the next morning actually tasted like smoke.  Mind, blown.
  • I think crumpets are actually pretty good.  But anything with butter and honey = “good.”
  • I think In The Name Of Self-Defense: What It Costs And When It’s Worth It is going to be one of my favorite books of all time.
  • I think most Australians are crazy.  Good crazy.  Mostly.  There are more things that can kill you while walking your dog in the morning in Australia than any other place on Planet Earth.
  • I think that if she wants it, my wife is going to be big-time.  Wait until you see the video she recorded last weekend.
  • I think restricting the open carry of firearms is selfish.  Live your life how you want, but forcing other people to live their lives how you wish is selfish.
  • I think 80% of people directly involved with politics are truly evil.  Which makes me cherish the good ones even more.  Like Patrick Neville and Jennifer Green.
  • I think we need to secure the border, return fire if fired upon, that entering this country illegally is actually a crime, and the parents that will hand their children over to a coyote to take them hundreds or thousands of miles across rough terrain and then sneak them across the border where they know no one is either flat nuts or totally insane.  Keeping the press out of these detention facilities is criminal.  But if we want less government, we need more private investment into the charities we care about.  Which is why I support Mercury One.
  • I think that if ever a shirt fit a person, it’s Marc MacYoung and one of our Not A Safe Direction shirts.

 Marc_NASD - new

  • I think that when a group of friends commits to each other, the world goes ’round.
  • I think an excellent judge of courage and wisdom is NOT telling all the stories you have buried in your head.  I don’t mean repressing them, I just mean keeping them tucked lightly under the covers that you can say good night to but not let out of the bed.  They don’t go away, they just hibernate.  I can not describe the respect I have for people who have seen and done things that you and I will never hear about.  Putting the harsh parts of your life over to the side and moving on as a friend, spouse, mentor, teacher, parent, or student is a level of bravery which cannot be described.  If you know people like that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • I think that’s why I’m shy at the BBQ.
  • I now think PTSD is nearly entirely treatable.  I won’t say curable, but smarter people than me have used that word and I trust them.
  • I think the definition of a friend is having a rather heated disagreement on politics and they still want to see you next time they’re in town.
  • I think gun people should get involved more with martial arts.  I’ve heard this for years, but only recently started to actually absorb it.  I’m taking suggestions on how to do that.
  • I think having someone build a website for you is frustrating.
  • I think the Rockies are the worst baseball team I’ve ever enjoyed watching.
  • I think I have much to learn.
Clint, Terry, Marc, and Rory while filming "Campfire Tales From Hell"

Clint, Terry, Marc, and Rory while filming “Campfire Tales From Hell”

Marc and Clint teaching

Marc and Clint teaching

Dan LoGrasso. Producer-In-Chief

Dan LoGrasso. Producer-In-Chief

By the way, Dan LoGrasso is amazing at what he does: photography, videography, producing high-quality videos, and so much more.  I can’t say enough good things about his professionalism.  We’ll be working with him again soon.  Check out his website at http://www.aferalgentleman.com/.

Clint and Kathy, coming to a YouTube channel near you soon!

Clint and Kathy, coming to a YouTube channel near you soon!

How'd this one get in there?

How’d this one get in there?

Carry on, Colorado!


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