Cornered Cat 2014

A HUGE thanks for all those who came out last weekend for our 5 different Cornered Cat classes!! For those that missed it, we had our Purses/Packs/Bags class on Friday night, Handgun Retention 1 on Saturday morning, Danger 101 Saturday afternoon, then Handgun Retention 2 on Sunday morning, and Danger 102 on Sunday afternoon. Kathy and Don taught us a *lot* of very simple handgun retention techniques, a few disarms, some “down defender” techniques, legal approaches to the aftermath of a defensive shooting, Fringe Areas, spotting a killer (it’s not easy!), purse snatching and how violent it is, drawing your handgun from every concealment method, what to do if you lose your handgun in a struggle (which happened to me when practicing with Don!), escaping many common grabs, what to look for in a good belly band, dealing with long-term survival, the value of a good “network,” our attitude about dealing with violent conflict in the first place, how to define a “win” when it comes to violent encounters, the tricks our brain plays on us, avoiding a pharmacological cascade, tips on open carrying, interacting with responding officers, hazards of cross-body purses, keeping focused on why life is worth fighting for, AND SO MUCH MORE.

I’ve had almost all of this before, in one fashion or another, but I learned a TON. I hope you did too! My neck is a little sore today, but since I got to play the bad guy most of the weekend, I’m lucky that you guys took it easy on me! Don and Kathy are truly two of the best in the world at all of this and I’m very fortunate to have had this opportunity.

I’ll try and get some more pictures up on my blog in the next day or two. Thank you all!

As always, check out for more detail on many of the topics this weekend and keep practicing!  And don’t forget to follow us on facebook at and keep an eye out for new classes on our website at!

Carry on, Colorado!

(my apologies for the poor quality for many of these pictures – photography is not something I claim to know anything about)

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2 comments on “Cornered Cat 2014

  1. G. S. says:

    Thanks for hosting such a great weekend. I really came away feeling like I learned A LOT and I loved the positive energy and environment. I felt challenged and yet completely comfortable putting myself out there with new skills and the critiques were helpful and geared towards helping me to learn more. I really enjoyed myself and feel like I have not only added to my skill set – but I have a new desire to continue learning more and continue with training – and the new friends I have made will continue to be a part of that journey! 🙂

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