Need your help on 1/21 in Castle Rock!

It’s official, the “gun debate,” which was settled in 1791, has shifted from the state level to the local level.  Watch this report from the seriously leftist 9 News in Denver.

Then watch this video from the not-quite-as-leftist-as-9News CBS.

We need your help!!  The gun control crown got their butt kicked last time this came up on December 3rd in Castle Rock.  Even the narcissist anti-gunner on the town council, who retired and then demanded to get appointed back to his own seat that he just vacated, voted against his own open carry prohibition expansion initiative when every single person at the meeting who spoke, spoke against it.  You can watch that meeting, in its entirety here.  Hey, I know some of those people!

Here’s what you can do: show up to 100 N. Wilcox St., Castle Rock, CO 80104 at 6pm on Tuesday, Jan. 21st.  Bring your Constitution-loving friends.  The town council is trying to repeal the existing open carry prohibition ordinance – and we need your help!  It’s open for public comment.  Keep your speech to under 4 minutes.  Most people will just read a prepared statement.  But we need to let the council know how we feel and that more gun control is not the answer!

Here’s something I NEED you to do:  write our town council reps!  Your emails go a long way – in fact, the mayor printed out a stack of pro-Constitution letters at the last meeting.  They read them and they matter.

Mayor Paul Donahue –

Mark Heath –

Jennifer Green –

Chip Wilson –

Renee Valentine –

Clark Hammelman –

Mayor Pro Tem Joe Procopio –

This is the first reading of what is technically a new ordinance (which really is just repealing the existing ordinance).  The 2nd reading will be on Feb. 4th.

A link to the meeting itself is here.

It isn’t often that we get the opportunity (fortunately) to fight for the Constitution in our own backyard.  Here is just such an opportunity.  To read some of my thoughts on this issue, click here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Carry on, Colorado!


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