Note to the gun crowd: be a uniter

When we’re passionate about something, it’s easy for us to find things on which we disagree with someone else.  It happens every day, and on a whole range of topics.  In the last decade or so, nothing has divided us more than politics.

But as we roll into the Christmas season where many of us will be around family we don’t see frequently, here’s my suggestion: find the areas you agree on – not the areas that divide us.  Be a uniter.

Here’s an example.  I support Glenn Beck.  Do I agree with him on everything?  Absolutely not.  I also support Penn Jillette.  The two of them happen to be friends.

Look at that – they’re enjoying themselves!

My philosophy is that if we work to find common ground, if we dwell on the positives, there are significantly more people on our side than we knew previously.  The list of things that both Glenn and Penn and I agree is extensive: we agree that government is largely the problem, not the solution.  We agree that guns are a natural right and cannot be restricted.  We agree that without our ability to speak our mind, our nation fails.  We agree that government spying is unconstitutional.

But we disagree on religion.  So of course, what do we want to talk about?

Why is it that we seem to have this deep-seeded desire to argue?

Since this is primarily a gun blog, I’ll bring this back around to something more directly relevant.  The open carry debate has been a strong one here locally.  I’m not an open carry guy, but the list of things I have in common with most of the open carry people is significantly longer than our differences.  We both believe in knowing and understanding the law.  We both believe that open carrying is our constitutional right.  We both believe that we have to be responsible citizens, and that without responsibility, liberty dies.  So what are we fighting about, exactly?

Do a web search sometime for “which is better, Glock or 1911?”  I dare you.  Hint: 735,000 results and my guess is that there would be more if they didn’t just get tired and stop counting.

You see, many of us have come to conclusions through blood, sweat, tears, arguing, questioning our assumptions, trial-and-error, failing miserably, etc.  Now we want our work to mean something.  So no sooner do we get comfortable with our decisions when along comes our crazy uncle or our father-in-law.  How dare he say that the Walther P99 is crap?

How dare he say Galco makes crappy holsters?

How dare he say that if I carry 2 guns I’m paranoid and crazy?

Did he really just say that women should own only revolvers?

Did he just call it an “assault rifle?”

Why is he ranting about the hollow-point being for murderers?

You get the point.

One of my current pet peeves is those in the “gun industry” whose only real product is that they steal gun pictures, add a Thomas Jefferson quote or something witty like “I got your rape whistle right here, B****!” and put it on facebook.  I don’t get it.  But instead of naming names here, as much as I wanted to, I’m letting it go.

I have to believe that we still have more in common than not.  I have some disagreements with some of my absolutely heroes in this industry – about gun stuff!!  But if anything, that makes me want to “question with boldness” (as Glenn Beck says… stealing part of a Thomas Jefferson quote) that which I believe – not because I doubt myself, but because I have that much respect for those people.  I understand that they’ve been around this longer than I have; maybe I should take another look at this.

So anyway,  hopefully some of this is making sense.  As Bill S. Preston, Esquire says, “be excellent to each other.”

Carry on, Colorado!


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