Get the training you’ve been putting off

We all know someone who has been thinking about taking a self-defense class, but for whatever reason keeps putting it off.

Well now’s the time to talk to them about getting serious about it.

Now, if you get anyone you know (friend, in-law, hated uncle, crazy neighbor, the checkout person at the grocery store, your local Town Council Rep, anyone!) to sign up for any class, yes ANY CLASS we offer, then YOU get 50% off your next gun class.

They just have to mention your name either during checkout or in an email, on the phone, whatever.

Here’s our contact info:


They can get signed up on our website here:

Remember our goal is to cover the entire self-defense spectrum, not just the “gun stuff.”  If we’re doing our job properly, you won’t ever have to pull the trigger in the first place.  But God forbid, if that day ever comes, we’ll make you as prepared as we possibly can – including all the nasty legal stuff that comes afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  And as always, Carry On, Colorado!


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