Things we heard at the gun show

Ok, so Jenna and I (and Kyle) got a booth at our local gun show this past weekend to help us get our name “out there” a little bit.  We met some interesting people, some complete nutjobs, we had fun, and we learned a lot.

We’ll probably do that again.

We were sandwiched between the “tactical gear” nylon holster people (VERY nice people) and our friends who sell conceal carry purses and other good stuff.


But our favorite part was hearing some of what people were saying there.  Some of these were said directly to us, others weren’t.  Enjoy.

  • “I bought a gun today, and it’s all Jeff’s fault.”
  • “I don’t need any more training, I already have my permit.”
  • “Every woman should learn to shoot on a J-frame revolver.”
  • “I have two sons – the first is very smart.  He has four college degrees and a great job.  The other, not so much.”
  • “I don’t need training – I’m from Texas.”
  • “Did you get some of those nachos?  They’re GREAT!”
  • “I’ll let you in on a little secret – most people here don’t want me to tell them anything.”
  • “I’m hungry!”  Ok, Kyle said that one, but he said it 426,845 times, so it’s noteworthy.
  • “Buy a class!!”  That one was also Kyle.  In the middle of a conversation with a potential student.  It didn’t work.
  • “We offer legal classes, violence avoidance classes, and gun training.”  “I’m certified to teach ALL of those classes, so we won’t be taking your flyer, thank you.”
  • “I don’t need another holster, I just bought a shoulder holster.”
  • “What do you mean you can’t get your CHP if you have a medical marijuana card?!?!”
  • “Well we have Army Drill Instructors teach all of our classes.”  Have you read Jenna’s blog?
  • “I’m already VERY highly trained.” (remember: this was a gun show, not a dog show)
  • “Oh I take young boys out to my property and we go shooting all the time.”
  • “I don’t need training, but my wife does.”
  • “Oh I’ve heard of you.  I heard you on the radio, didn’t I?”
  • “Wait do you teach people how to commit violence?”
  • “There’s a Sig Sauer over there with my name on it.”
  • “We just moved here from the UK.”  Me: “welcome to GUNS!”
  • “Who’s this old guy in the picture?”  “That’s Massad Ayoob.”  “Honey, what time are the Broncos on?”
  • “This is NOT a Tim Tebow jersey.  It’s a Brandon Marshall jersey.  I just took the name off the back.”  (and only 2 of you will get that… and the rest just clicked that link)

Carry on, Colorado!


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