A charity that seems to “get it” – 2 Million Bullets

Quick blog post today.  I stumbled upon a charity the other day when Mr. Colion Noir mentioned them (love that guy) – 2 Million Bullets.  Their mission is to promote hunting and shooting activities among our nation’s youth, especially those who are disadvantaged.

We talk a lot about winning the battle of education – we see over and over and over again, politicians forcing things upon us that seem (to the uninformed) to be a good idea at the time.  Interestingly, many of these anti-gun politicians are protected by 24/7 security guards.  Fascinating.

But how much better off would we ALL be if we could just expose more people to the joys and responsibilities of shooting in a safe, responsible way?

Enter 2 Million Bullets.  They’re a federally-recognized non-profit 501c(3) organization.  You can donate to them directly through their website, but in the next couple weeks (October, 2013), they’re having a fundraiser through Crowdrise.com, part of the Under Armour Next Generation Challenge.  You can donate here.

Every dollar counts.  A $1 investment in our nation’s children could pay off big-time… and if nothing else, you’re helping provide an opportunity to someone which could help them get their life on track.

Thanks for your support and Carry on, Colorado!

2 Million Bullets – I’m in!


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