Carry on, sheriffs!

Jenna and I were lucky enough to attend “Colorado’s Assault on the 2nd Amendment” down in Colorado Springs this week with our friend Darick with Tactical Supply Bravo.  What a great time!

The stated attendance was 815 gun-loving supporters of the Constitution.  Awesome!

In Colorado, we’re so lucky to have so many courageous sheriffs who are standing together with us to help fight these gun-grabbing bills that have plagued us lately.  Three of them spoke at the event: Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke, and of course El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.  John Caldara of the Independence Institute spoke as well.

Here’s a few pictures of the event.

Maketa speakers Cooke crowd

My apologies – I have many other pictures, but apparently I’m the world’s worst Cell Phone Photographer.

Nonetheless, a large topic was the upcoming lawsuit against HBs 1224 and 1229.  For the text of the lawsuit, click here.  Dave Kopel spoke as well – he’s the lead attorney on the lawsuit, and he’s REALLY good – he’s been involved in several high profile court cases, both at the state level and at the US Supreme Court.  Anyway, 55 sheriffs are plaintiffs on the lawsuit.  Hip hip hooray!!

Here are a few takeaways:

  • One of the things that John Caldara mentioned was that these sheriffs did NOT have to stand up against these bills.  He’s exactly right!  We’re so fortunate to have people who are willing to risk everything to fight for what’s right.  Let this be a lesson to each one of us!  Gone are the days when we can just skate by politically.  For me, what that means is that you need to start asking yourself all the hard questions NOW: “Is the 2nd Amendment still relevant?”  “Do I really NEED a 16-round magazine?”  “Does anyone really need an AR-15 for self-defense?”  Do some real soul-searching.  Then after you’ve questioned with boldness, you’ll be ready for anything anyone else can throw at you.
  • John also mentioned something else (to loosely paraphrase): we as “gunnies” are really good at talking to each other.  But we’re horrible at talking to everyone else.  How very, very true!  I think we lost these political battles recently for two reasons: apathy and education.  If you know someone who is generally intelligent, good on most issues, but JUST… DOES… NOT… GET IT, that is who we need to start talking to.  Don’t let your neighbor or your brother-in-law get away with saying things like “assault rifle” or “high capacity magazine.”  Be polite and be firm.  But if you know your stuff and you can actually explain WHY these bills affect each of us, we can still win this.
  • Speaking of which, yes, each of these bills DO affect us!  Sheriff Maketa told a story where a good friend and neighbor (and his wife) was over at his family’s house for dinner one night.  She said something to the affect of “Terry, I love you, but I don’t know what your deal is with these bills.”  His answer went like this:
    • “Trish, your husband is about to leave for Afghanistan for 3 months, right?”
    • “Yes.”
    • “Is he going to leave a gun in the house so you can protect yourself when he’s gone?”
    • Simultaneously, they both answered “Of course!!”  (she then said “HE BETTER!”)
    • “So, Trish, is he going to pay for a background check on YOU before he leaves?”
    • “That would be crazy.  Why would we do that?”
    • “Because, under the new bill 1229, you’d both be breaking the law since you’ll be committing an unlawful transfer without a background check.”
    • [silence]
    • “And does that firearm’s magazine hold more than 15 rounds?”
    • “Of course it does.”
    • “Well then you’ll both be violating a second law, 1224.  NOW do you understand why these bills will affect each of us?”
  • As far as what “continuous possession” means (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this), after a lot of pressure from the Independence Institute and others, the Governor’s office released a statement that says as long as you’re physically there when the magazine transfer happens, that you’re exempted from the law. So if you loan someone a magazine at the range, as long as you don’t leave, you’re ok under the law.  The only catch with that, is that a memo from the Governor’s office IS NOT THE LAW!!  They can try and clarify a horrible law with memos all day long, but ultimately, a judge will decide what it means – not the Governor.  If they didn’t like the wording, and make no mistake – they knew about this before Chickenpooper signed it – then it never should have been signed into law.  Yes, it’s really that easy.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I’m very glad we went.  Support your sheriff.  Speaking of which, we’re in “fact-finding” mode for who we’re going to support for Douglas County Sheriff in 2014.  We’ve gotten to know one of the candidates, but we’re looking for any and all information.  If you have anything that can help us, political or personal, email us at  We’re going to be all-in for this next election for sheriff – it’s a HUGE election.

Lastly, we finalized our next two Kathy Jackson (of classes on our website!  She’ll be teaching a handgun retention and disarms class on Friday, August 9th and a 2-day co-ed defensive handgun class on August 10th and 11th.  Sign up now!!  Kathy really is one of the best in the world at this stuff, so here’s your chance to truly learn from one of the GIANTS in this industry.  We expect these to sell out, and August will be here before you know it.  Join us for a couple classes that could save your life!

Carry on, Colorado!


One comment on “Carry on, sheriffs!

  1. SS says:

    Not only Judges, but it’s time for “we the people” to exercise our prerogative as ‘the jury” to invalidate bogus laws through Jury Nullification.

    The only catch, is someone has to go to trial, and the jury needs to be briefed on the power they have. One i’m not volunteering for, and the other the court won’t do.

    It’s another arrow in our quiver, but a tough one to use as most people have no clue it’s a viable option.

    Carry on, Jeff!

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