Wake up!!

Ok, ok – a little bit of honesty here for a minute.  My whole life I’ve been luke-warm to politics.  My folks are politically inclined, far more so than I ever was… until recently.  I considered myself fairly normal, as far as political ambitions were concerned: I almost always voted, I watched the news, I was up on most of the current events, and I took every opportunity to complain.

But aside from that, deep down inside, I wasn’t fully convinced that any of it really mattered… ya know, to ME.

So in case you haven’t heard this recently, let me welcome you to our new reality: a world in which politicians are striking backroom deals, monitoring every word you utter or type that crosses any kind of electronic media, looking for ways to sneak around a remove your rights, and yes, they’re even trying to take your guns.  You heard me.

We have politicians creating  Standard Capacity Magazine Bans who think that they’re disposable clips (hint: it’s neither disposable nor a clip).  We have politicians who think self-defense involves soiling yourself… intentionally.  We have politicians who think the right to home school your own child is NOT a right, that the government could do a better job than you can.

We live in a world where you’ll wake up one day and there will be very natural, very normal things in your life that are illegal.  Who knew I could remember anything from high school literature class.  Franz Kafka was 100 years ahead of his time.  But we ARE Josef K. now.  “Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.”  Yep, welcome to 2013.

And make no mistake – this is not a Democrat or Republican thing.  This is a Constitution thing.  We have politicians on both sides of the aisle who are fighting the Constitution now.

So given that some of our elected officials are trying to subvert the Constitution and our rights, it’s important to keep one eye on everything that’s been going on.  Here is a quick recap of some of the biggies lately:

  1. Scandal #1: The Department of Justice admitted to illegally wiretapping phones of the Associated Press for about 2 months, citing a severe threat to national security.  But apparently the threat wasn’t so severe that Eric Holder felt the need to tell the President.  Nah, no biggie – only one of the top-3 national security breaches in our nation’s history (Holder’s words, not mine).  Just another Tuesday, I guess.  This is clearly a violation of the illegal search and seizure part of that pesky Bill of Rights.  So I guess this administration feels it can just bypass the 4th Amendment whenever it feels it’s important.  File that away for future reference.  We’re a nation of laws, not of men.  The laws apply no matter how important YOU think you are.  This administration apparently doesn’t get that.
  2. Scandal #2: The IRS decided that some groups are more worthy of “extra attention” than others.  This is being billed as an attack on Tea Party groups, which it certainly was.  But it’s also a lot more than that: it’s an attack on religion.  You may or may not have noticed who else was being attacked by the IRS: Jewish groups.  If you haven’t seen some of the things that the IRS was requesting from these groups, read this.  Here is another example of some craziness the IRS was asking.  Latest news: the IRS chief, who was already scheduled to retire in a couple weeks, was FIRED!!!  (in my best Donald Trump voice).  Take a step back and think about this for a minute: here is a tyrannical government, make no mistake, who is using the IRS as the enforcement arm to gain political advantage of certain groups of people that it doesn’t like.  Note: remember all the interesting verbiage in Obamacare about how the IRS is going to be enforcing universal health care now?  Is this starting to all make more sense?  Do you see why it’s important to look at the big picture instead of the 30-second soundbites that we get on the news?  The pieces DO fit together, we just have to pay attention.  But this is clearly a violation of our 1st Amendment rights – and this administration could not care less.  Oh, and did I mention that this story was first reported in 2011, but was widely dismissed as conspiracy theory back then?  Interesting.
  3. Scandal #3: Benghazi.  This is really the big one, but not so much for the obvious reasons.  Yes, 4 brave Americans died.  At least 2 of them went out of their way to try and save Americans.  They deserve the highest honors this country can give them, in addition to our eternal gratitude.  But this isn’t about Americans dying, although that certainly makes this story cut even deeper.  This is about what we could have done prior to 9/11/2012 and DIDN’T DO, and the massive cover-up that unfolded afterwards.  Was Ambassador Stevens there to run gun through Turkey to the Syrian rebels?  Whose idea was it to blame the stupid YouTube video, anyway?  And then why was that lie repeated by all sorts of people, for weeks?  Did we know that an attack was imminent days PRIOR to 9/11?  Yes.  But yet we sent an ambassador there anyway.  We knew it had nothing to do with a YouTube video or even a demonstration.  We knew it before it happened, we knew it during the attack, and we knew it immediately after the attack.  And yet, for WEEKS, this administration continued the lie about a video which led to a demonstration.  Keep in mind that on 9/11, while our Americans were still under attack, this President apparently got one quick briefing, and then went to bed.  After all, he had a long flight to Las Vegas the next day and wanted to be well-rested.  I could write more, but the point is that we’ve been lied to, repeatedly, for weeks and months.  They know better than you, and apparently the government feels like it’s their job to tell us when to be concerned about something.
  4. Scandal #4: the EPA.  I just can’t take all of this anymore.

Our country certainly is no stranger to political scandal.  And the political philosophy that “I’m better than you” isn’t new either.  But the future of our Constitution is certainly at risk.  We have to pay attention.  We have to put the pieces together.  So when the nightly news says “the Tea Party are racist… and they’re upset that the IRS hates racists” or “some gun nuts feel like they still have a right to own a 30-round magazine – HA!” we need to stand up and take note.  We’re at the point now where it actually matters how we interact with our friends.  Language matters.  The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  Or target shooting.  The National Firearms Act is still unconstitutional.  “Shall Issue,” “May Issue,” and “No Issue” states are ALL unconstitutional.  Period.  But because our country has already accepted some unconstitutional and unlawful laws before now, it’s easy for them to make a political argument that some “reasonable” restrictions are perfectly OK.  They’re not.

You have no know what you believe and you have to know why.  Question with boldness.  Question what you believe and seek honest answers.  Only then can you have honest discussions with your friends.  And that’s where we all need to be – in discussions with our friends and neighbors.  Don’t allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel.  You’ll wake up one morning knowing you did nothing wrong…


3 comments on “Wake up!!

  1. Kathie says:

    Well said, Jeff. I’m still waiting for answers for fast and furious. .

    Knowledge is everything so we need to make it a priority to be informed and teach our children the responsibilites that come with freedom, Brushing up on unrevised history helps remind us how we got there.

    Much of our nation is so enamored with the goodies we have been blessed with, going to bed w/o considerations what made it all possible.

  2. Bill Meek says:

    Jeff, very well put and to the point. What should our next steps be?
    Bill Meek

    • Bill – that really is the big question, isn’t it? Here’s my approach:
      – Step 1: pay attention. Politics *matter.* But since our media no longer connects any dots for us (they operate on a series of 30-second sound bites and are all completely isolated from anything else), we have to put everything in context. I find myself saying “wait, wasn’t that the same guy who said X a couple years ago?”
      – Step 2: do your homework. We have to know the truth. We lose arguments when we accept lies like “guns have never stopped a mass shooting, ever.” (hint: that’s a false premise – by definition, a mass shooting is one that wasn’t stopped in time; there are countless situations in which a bad guy was stopped before more damage could have been done, but since they were stopped in time, they don’t count as a mass shooting… and thus it never ends up on the news)
      – Step 3: question with boldness. We have to know 100% *why* we believe what we know. If you have a gap in your armor, it’ll get attacked.
      – Step 4: don’t be afraid to make a stand. We all know people who say things that are factually inaccurate to make some sort of political point. We have to be nice (and that’s the trick), but we have to start actually correcting people with the facts. Conservatives and Libertarians are historically the worst at this – we really only just want to be left alone. But I’m convinced that we lost a lot of the political gun control battles in Colorado recently because not enough people understood the facts and how these bills would affect their lives. So correcting the politicians is important, but more important is getting your friends and neighbors informed. We win when more people get the courage to stand up for what they think is right.

      Look, there are always things that 2 people will disagree on. It’s far too easy to get bogged down with “but YOU voted for THIS GUY” or “you believe God said THIS.” But when it comes to an over-reaching government trampling on our Constitutional (and God-given) rights, we need to stand with the Catholics and the Jews and the Mormons and the Libertarians (and the Democrats and those of different sexual orientation and on and on). Let’s all get back to the fundamentals (God and the Constitution). Then after we get that back on track, THEN we can all argue religion again. 🙂

      Long answer to a short question, but does that help? Great question, and thanks for reading my blog!

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