The best weekend I’ve had in a REALLY long time

As many of you know, this last weekend Carry On Colorado hosted Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat to teach a couple classes for us.  What an amazing experience!!

Thursday, we spent most of the day solving all the worlds problems with some other friends (thanks for coming over Marc!) and even practicing some new handgun retention techniques that Kathy and Don S. may end up putting in some future Cornered Cat classes.  If the weekend would have ended there, this blog post would probably be titled the same thing.

Friday, however, Kathy gave us her Holster Seminar, which was a LOT of fun (yes, even as a guy).  I’m quite certain we all learned a TON, even those of us who thought we knew about holsters.  Kathy did an amazing job – she’s so much fun to be around and boy does she know her stuff.

But the real fun started on Saturday.  First, I’ll explain my day: after being violently ill most of the night, I slept from about 7am to about 9am, got dressed and then spent 4 hours at Urgent Care.  Lovely, huh?  They did some tests, found nothing, decided I was fine, and then sent me home.  Ah, the wonder that is modern medicine.  The best part was after I had left the doctor’s office and was at Walgreens getting a few things, the nurse calls and the conversation goes like this:

  • Her: “Hi, this is [so-and-so] from Urgent Care.”
  • Me: “Hi.  Can I help you?”
  • Her: “Yes, we got your urine sample analyzed.  How are you feeling?” [in hindsight, questions like that should always raise a serious red flag but for some reason I thought she was just being nice]
  • Me: “Well, you said I was fine, you sent me home, and I feel ok… why do you ask?”
  • Her: “Well, you’re either a little dehydrated or you have complete liver failure.”
  • [15 second pause]
  • Me: “Come again?”
  • Her: “Well, we need to do another test.”
  • Me: “What exactly are the symptoms of complete…liver…failure?” [and yes, I said it just like that]
  • Her: “Pretty much the same as dehydration.”
  • Me: “Well, um, er, then why, who… I’ll see you in 5 minutes.”

After a blood test, apparently my liver came back to life.  So I have that going for me, which is nice.

So yes, I missed the entire first day of the 2-day defensive handgun class.  Aside from a small emergency involving Jenna not having my keys with her, I hear it went quite well.

But since the Lord took pity on me and felt I had been punished enough, I got better and was back to life on Sunday (not sure if my liver is still intact or not – I’m not really sure how to test for that on my own).

Sunday was amazing.  Jenna and I learned a ton, both on the shooting side and the instructor side.  We have a couple new drills which are sure to appear in a Carry On Colorado Range Class near you soon.  Even just in the one day I was there, I could really see the improvement in every single woman who was there – not only in their shooting skill, but absolutely in their confidence.  Colorado is a safer place now because of this class, and I truly believe that.

The real treat for Jenna and I probably came on Monday, however, after all the fanfare had died down: Kathy took the both of us to the range to hone a couple techniques.  What an absolute treat!  Yes, yes, it’s probably only because she was getting on a plane the next day and didn’t want to bring extra ammo with her… but I’ll take it.  Seriously, this was one of the great thrills of my professional life – going to the range with Kathy Jackson.

FYI, you heard it here first: Kathy is coming back very soon.  Practice now.  And guys, you’ll be included this time, I promise.  Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering now.  Here are some pictures of the holster seminar:

Here are a few from the 2-day class from Saturday and Sunday:

Then here are two of my favorites from Monday:


5 comments on “The best weekend I’ve had in a REALLY long time

  1. Hope H says:

    Saving!!!!!! Friday was fantastic. I’ll be there next time or else!

  2. Kalaryn says:

    Glad that you are feeling better, that’s never fun. It was great to meet you and Jenna and go to the holster class, I would have loved to have done the other class as well. Thank you again so much for bringing her out here and giving me a wonderful experience, I think I smiled for a whole day afterwards I enjoyed the whole evening so much.

    I can say I’m really looking forward to seeing more classes from you guys.

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