Why is it…

Why is it that no one seems to care about the 2nd Amendment or the rest of the US Constitution anymore?  (or the 1st Amendment, or the 4th, or the 6th, or the 7th, or the 9th, or the 1oth, just to pick on the Bill of Rights for a minute)

Why is it that no one really seems to understand the definition of “infringed?”   I’ll help you: “to act as to limit or undermine; encroach on.”  How exactly is HB 1224 not infringing, again?  Or 1229?  And don’t you dare include the word “need” in your answer.

Why is it that a student recently argued with me that since certain bills and anti-gun activities (like confiscation) are “unenforceable” (he’s right) that our politicians will not even try them?  (Amendment 64 is also unenforceable… so are 1224 and 1229…)

Why is it that some of the best legal minds around can put together this (written by Magpul’s legal defense team), and yet our politicians seem hell-bent on ramming this stuff down our throats anyway?

Why is it that despite hundreds or thousands of people spending their day(s) at the state capitol building to testify against these bills, that we’re still told a majority of Coloradans support “common sense gun control?”

Why is it that some of us think “common sense gun control” is unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral… yet we’re written off as lunatic fringe?

Why is it that Wayne LaPierre can testify in front of Congress that the NRA has always supported universal background checks?  Then once universal background checks look like they might pass, he’s suddenly against them?  Look, I’m a big fan of the NRA, but come on.

And since I’m calling out the NRA, why is it that the NRA supported Harry Reid for US Senate forEVER, then in 2010, refused to support Sharon Angle, who scored an A+ on their own test?  The NRA is still getting my donations, but it’s time to call a spade a spade.  The NRA needs a LOT of work.

Why is it that every time a gun is used to SAVE a life, we never hear about it?

Why is it that 2 young men are convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl, and yet the media feels sorry for these dirtbags?  And why is the girl, the rape victim, now getting death threats?

Why is it that my HOA hates neighborhood watch groups?

Why is it that even though the movie came out 30 years before he was born, my son knows more about Star Wars than I do?

Why is it that Rob Pincus is on EVERY episode of Stop the Threat?  In fact, ditch the host.  We want Kathy Jackson and Marc MacYoung, and ONLY them.  Well, maybe Ted Nugent.  And Bill Whittle.  And Chuck Woolery.  Actually, I might be on to something – the KJ-Marc-Nuge-Whittle-Chuck show… about, guns… and politics… and stuff.  If they ever invited me to be on, I’m pretty sure I’d spend the whole time getting autographs and high-fiving.  Sign me up.

Speaking of him, why is it that Chuck Woolery gets it, yet so many others don’t?  And why did it take me so long to find this website?

(sorry, stepped away to get some more popcorn)

And now that I just spent the last hour watching Chuck Woolery videos (this one may be my favorite), why is it that I’m ready to vote for him for President?

Why is it that even with sequestration, our budget in 2013 is HIGHER than it was in 2012, yet we suddenly can’t afford to refuel aircraft carriers, give tours of the White House, or keep useless TSA employees on the job?

Why is the Vice President allowed to give advice to people that would land them in jail if they actually did it?

Why are we *giving* F-16s to Egypt and taking away our own rights to keep and bear arms?

And since I said a few things bad about the NRA… Why is it that most people don’t understand the history of the NRA?  Why aren’t ALL black Americans members of the NRA?  Why do we attack some of the bravest people in our society, the African-Americans who support gun rights and the NRA?  What can I do to be a better witness to support gun rights across racial lines?

Why has no one definitively answered the question: “what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi on 9/11 in the first place?”

Why does the Department of Defense consider our national debt to be our #1 national security threat, yet our administration sees our debt as not being an immediate problem?

Why is it that the state of New Jersey allowed a boy in camouflage to wear bright blue and yellow shoes?

Horrible decision. Those shoes are just plain hideous.


3 comments on “Why is it…

  1. Kathie says:

    “Why?”, you ask! Because everything is upside down!

    Is it possible people have chosen the path of least resistance because they are lazy? Or is it because they are selfish? Or because many are followers are not capable to reason for themselves, They worry about feelings. Or is it because they ignore the 10 Commandments and Consititution, Or is it possible they were never taught, or lovingly modeled the importance in managing human nature?

    Wrap up this collection thoughts and we go back to Jeff’s “why?” Why are there all these crappy issues Jeff questions facing us right now?

    Without moral structure we are failures. If we are going to be followers, point us in a good direction and we will be pretty good. Be, as the founding fathers mention, human nature is not alway good!

    Our beautiful country successfully followed the model of the Constitution and 10 Commandments. But undermine either, and we absolutely will not be good.

    Utopian elite are crumbling our national foundation piece by piece. It’s a plan, remember? Our children need to be reinforced by a strong and moral education.

    We are in a meltdown, or reset… and need to be “present” to enter the correct data when the screen opens up again.

    Or… the next generation will ask why we did little to change this destructive path.

  2. Jim Konzak says:

    Good Grief, Jeff!

    To give a thorough answer would require a thousand-page book. At least that’s what it took Ayn Rand to write, and even then she wrote many non-fiction essays elaborating on particular issues and applications of her revolutionary ideas.

    In a nutshell, we (a generic term applied to our culture) are in the process of abandoning reason as our means of knowledge (use the term “reason” to any college philosophy professor and expect derisive laughter), which is the base of ethics (how man should live; what is moral and why this is necessary), which is the base of politics (how men should live in a social context; what is the nature and purpose of government; what are rights). No wonder we’re in a hole, digging as fast as possible.

    [change of subject]

    You are aware of what happened to the family of that young man in the photo (who I’m happy to see has his finger correctly OFF the trigger, BTW)?

    See http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/familys-home-raided-over-facebook-photo-of-childs-rifle.html

    Chilling, to say the least.

  3. Thanks, Jim. Indeed. And yes, I’ve been following the boy’s story, just trying to put a different spin on things. Check this out: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/20/i-was-seriously-mad-about-it-11-year-old-behind-facebook-gun-photo-speaks-out/

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