Why you should pay attention to what’s going on in Colorado

As of March 6th, here’s where we’re at: 4 anti-gun bills have passed the Colorado House, and those 4, plus another 3 bills, have passed Colorado Senate sub-committee.  Those 7 bills will be voted on by the entire state senate on Friday, 3/8.

Here are the 7:

  • HB 1226 – no self-defense on college campuses
  • HB 1229 – universal background checks (precursor to universal gun registration)
  • HB 1228 – raising taxes as high as the state deems necessary
  • HB 1224 – banning standard-capacity magazines and nearly all shotguns
  • SB 197 – restricted gun access for those accused of domestic violence
  • SB 195 – additional CHP training requirements
  • SB 196 – insane liability standards for gun manufacturers and dealers

So here’s why this is important, for those of you NOT in Colorado (and please don’t rub it in).  Colorado is historically a VERY gun-friendly state.  I’ve read the gun laws in many different states, yes, even the laws in Texas, and while none of them are where I’d want them to be (even Texas), Colorado’s laws are right up there with the best of them.  The deadly force laws are reasonable, the locations that I can take my concealed handgun are top-tier, and in many cases, it really still is the “wild, wild west.”

By the way, I should note that as a Texan, I’m allowed to pick on Texans.  It’s in the rules – look it up.

Texas CHL laws, as a point of reference, have this “51% or more” concept – meaning that even with a Concealed Handgun License, you can’t take your handgun into any establishment that receives 51% or more of it’s revenue from the sale of alcohol.  I understand the intent (keep guns out of bars), but the implementation gets an “F-minus” in my book.  How am I supposed to know how the heck they calculate that?  And if I want to carry in a restaurant, who do I need to ask about that?  And is it 51% or more over the last year?  Last quarter?  Yesterday?  Sheesh, forget it.  The gun stays in the car.  Remind anyone of Suzanna Hupp?  No thanks, I’ll take the Colorado Law over that one.

Not that Texas doesn’t have some laws I’d prefer, I’m just picking on one I know well.  So bear with me.

Here’s Colorado – an Olde West state with Olde Tyme (now I’m just having fun adding extra E’s) laws.  BUT, Obama has won Colorado easily the past 2 elections and we have two anti-gun US Senators.  Insert a couple high-profile mass shootings to this mess, and you have the perfect storm of emotional outrage, widespread ignorance on the subject, large-scale voter apathy, and a golden opportunity to pull off a massive anti-gun coup.  So in comes the national anti-gun money, starting with Mayor Michael Nanny State Bloomberg.

Allegedly, the VP ding-dong himself even phoned all of the wishy-washy Democrats in the state House before the big vote a couple weeks ago, and shockingly, every one of them voted for each of these bills.  I have no idea what cushy jobs or campaign money they were promised, (or what they were threatened with) but needless to say, they voted for all 4 bills.  Rest assured, the White House is making all the same phone calls now to state senators – and since Democrats have a majority in both houses in the state now, all 7 of these bills are expected to pass.

EXCEPT, the people of Colorado have caught on to what’s going on here.  They showed up in droves on Monday at the state capitol:

Hundreds of pro-gun advocates at the Colorado state capitol this week

Since the Democrats are being sneaky, they divided these 7 bills up into a couple different sub-committees so that they could get them all rammed through committee in 1 day, it meant people testifying against them in multiple places (divide and conquer).  But I don’t think anyone expected protesters to show up by the hundreds or thousands.  By some accounts, those testifying against these bills outnumbered those testifying for them (including Mr. Gabby Giffords) by 1oo-to-1 or more.

Despite all of that, and the obvious fact that NONE OF THESE BILLS WILL PREVENT MASS SHOOTINGS, not one Democrat voted against them.  We’ll see what happens on Friday on the floor of the Senate.

So for all of you in other states, pay attention: the anti-gun politicians are learning a lot from how things are unfolding in Colorado.  Step 1 – don’t say dumb things like this idiot #1:

Or this idiot #2:

Or this idiot #3:

Step 2 – dismiss an overwhelming mountain of statistical evidence as nonsense.  That was Idiot #3’s only real play.

Step 3 – convince yourselves that your reelection bid is still safe.

Step 4 – vote for all the bills and hope no one remembers in a couple years.

Step 5, for all you non-Coloradans, is parade around the country saying “See?!!  If the gun-loving people of Colorado (true – we love our guns here) can pass these bills (lie – it was the gun-hating minority that passed them), then they make sense in your state too (lie)!”

Write it down.  If (when) these pass here in Colorado, the anti-gun minorities in states everywhere will take this same formula, minus obvious dirtbag sleezeball half-brained socialist pig-sheep comments, on tour.  So if you’re in Florida or North Carolina or Michigan or New Mexico or who-knows-where, pay attention – it’s coming your way, and it’s coming very soon.


2 comments on “Why you should pay attention to what’s going on in Colorado

  1. Larry Arnold says:

    [Texas CHL laws, as a point of reference, have this “51% or more” concept… How am I supposed to know how the heck they calculate that?]

    Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission calculates it for you.

    The Texas laws also require any place with an alcohol license to post one of two signs on the entrance. One of them reminds you that UNLICENSED possession in any place selling alcohol is a felony. CHLs can carry past this sign.

    The other sign has a big (5.5″ high) red “51%” on it and says LICENSED or unlicensed possession is a felony. Typical signs, provided by TABC, are legal size paper, with the unlicensed possession sign portrait and the 51% sign landscape.

    And it’s 51% sale or service for on-premises consumption, so we can carry in a liquor store.

    If you don’t go to bars you’ll probably never see a 51% sign, and you might not notice the unlicensed carry signs unless you look for them. But they’re there.

  2. Sounds simple to me. 😉

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