Shout-out to some of our friends (and others we want to call friends)

Well, I’m back in Colorado.  I love this place.  And while I also love planes and flying, I don’t particularly enjoy it when screaming kids and huge smelly guys are sitting within inches of me.  My flight out was great – I got to sit directly behind a very nice young couple and their three children, all under the age of 4.  And they shared 3 seats.  And they took turns screaming the whole time.  But thankfully, the children did MOST of the screaming.  So that was nice.

But I’d like to take a few minutes to say thanks for those that have had a direct influence on our lives, whether they know it or not.

Some of you know that Kathy Jackson is coming to Colorado to teach a couple classes for us in April.  She’s been an inspiration to both Jenna and me for several years and we could not be more excited to get her to Colorado!  (first time in Colorado, if I’m not mistaken)  If you aren’t familiar with her work, please go straight to the Cornered Cat website.  Everything she has there is worth reading, and then reading again.  I’m also lucky enough to have a signed copy of her book – and I could not recommend it highly enough.

The reason we originally became fans of hers were because she a) has such a great way of translating very complex and difficult topics into something that the most experienced shooter AND the absolute brand-new shooter (or those that have never held a gun before) will absolutely love; and b) because after a lot of soul-searching, interviews, reading many books, and all sorts of other fun research, I’ve concluded that she’s basically 100% right on target with everything she says.  She’s obviously done her homework – and believe it or not, in this industry, that’s FAR more rare than you might think.  So yes, I’m a fan.

Next, I have to say thanks for my new friend Marc MacYoung.  I met Marc at the barber shop, of all places, and while I’d been a big fan of his work for several years, I had no idea he lived in Colorado (oops).  You can read about him all over the web, but I’d start here: and  Two of his topics, Fringe Areas and Talisman Thinking, make regular appearances in many of our classes – they’re great ways to think about difficult topics that many people can easily remember (and they could change your life, too).  Marc is a lot of fun, and don’t tell him this, but I’m a big fan.  I even dragged him to our Law of the Gun class recently since this is right down his alley – and now he won’t shut up about it (I LOVE that class).

The next person I’d like to mention is Massad Ayoob.  I don’t know Mas (yet), but we are taking his MAG-40 class here in a couple months and we’re SUPER excited about it.  But Mas has been an inspiration to both of us for a long time, even before the first time we saw him on Personal Defense TV (or whatever it’s called these days).  If you aren’t subscribed to his blog yet, stop dilly-dallying and sign up.  Here’s the site:  Meeting Mr. Ayoob is on my bucket list.

Jenna and I have had so much fun doing this over the last couple years and a big reason for that is all the great people we’ve met along the way.  Jenna and I have talked at length about WHY we do this – and for us, the WHY is way more important than the WHAT or the HOW.  We got into this business purely to help out our community and to introduce people to this wonderful world of shooting and self-protection that we’ve gotten to know over the years.  And our heroes (let’s not leave out Suzanna Hupp) have been a big part of that.  But for all of you that we count on so much, all our friends and family, thanks so much!


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