And Now For Something Completely Different

Ok, apparently I’m incapable of more than one rant in a row.  I’ve moved on since yesterday. Today, let’s talk about new sights for your handgun.  Many of us are very familiar with your standard 3-dot sights.  Many firearms come standard with them.  They look like this:

3-dot sights on a Springfield XD(M).

For all of you ex-military or ex-law enforcement types (thank you for your service!!), the 3-dot is probably second nature.  The whole idea is that you want 3 dots horizontal in line with each other.  We explain it like “horizontal on top (meaning the top of the 3 dots are perfectly in line horizontally) and equal spacing on either side of the front sight (the middle dot).”

So for many, this sight configuration is either great, normal, and makes perfect sense, or the last paragraph was written in Greek.  If you fall into the last camp, don’t give up yet – you have some more options.

Over the last few years, Jenna and I have been migrating to a new(er) sight configuration – the “big dot.”  Here’s what I’m talking about (this from the company XS):

XS Big Dot sights

So here, you’re “dotting the i.”  For a few of you, particularly those with little or no experience shooting with 3-dot sights, this may seem a little more natural.  It takes some getting used to, and I don’t necessarily buy into it being “faster,” but for me, it seems a bit easier to acquire.

Another new trend in sight technology is fiber optic.  Check this out:

Fiber optic front sight – notice how it “glows”

Notice a couple different things in the above picture: the rear sight is “blacked out,” meaning there are no visible indicator there other than something resembling a black wall – that’s by design.  The other thing is the obvious glowing red front sight.  That contrast between the front and rear sights makes acquiring the front sight a lot easier for some.  In any kind of lighted environment, those sights really “pop” out to your eye.  And since focusing on our front sight is the goal, I’m a fan.

Here’s another picture of what that fiber optic sight looks like:

Red fiber optic front sight

So today’s lesson: if you’re thinking about buying a particular gun and you HATE the sights on it, you can always have them changed out – so maybe horrible sights isn’t the end of the world.


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