More Words That Work

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s time that we start changing our vocabulary. Words DO matter. Here are some to think about:
– “High capacity magazine.” If your AR-15 came with a 30-round magazine like nearly all of them did, it is NOT high capacity – it’s “standard capacity.” Start calling it that.
– “Assault rifle.” The “AR” in AR-15 does NOT stand for “assault rifle,” as anyone who heard me on the radio this week knows. It was coined by ArmaLite, the company that first created the “AR-x” line of rifles like the AR-10 and the AR-15.
– “Military-style assault weapon.” If I make a giant 3D cardboard mockup of an Abrams tank, would that be a “military-style death tank?” Hardly. Looking similar to something else does not change how something functions. If I take a hunting rifle like the Remington R-15 and paint it black, have I made it more dangerous? Fully-automatic rifles (like those used by the US military) are ALREADY highly regulated and are governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA). If you want those off the street, great, you won: *they already are.* Name me ONE properly registered NFA gun that was used in a crime (except, of course, those involved in Operation Fast and Furious killing Agent Brian Terry and hundreds more both here and in Mexico). I’m sure it’s happened, I’ve just never heard of it.

Which ones would you add to this list?


2 comments on “More Words That Work

  1. […] to understand many of the common words being thrown around lately and I need you to know why our language matters.  You need to politely correct your friends and family about what an “assault rifle” […]

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