Universal Background Checks

Ok, here’s today’s rant: universal background checks. I saw a poll on tv tonight (who knows how many people were surveyed in the poll) that showed that 80% of people favor universal background checks for guns.


I’ve said this before, but in case you missed it, listen up: the only way for the government to enforce such a law would be through UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION. I’ll lay it out again.

The only way for anyone to know that a private sale even happened would be to track each and every single gun as it moves around society. So when Person A sells a gun to Person B, Person A has to already be the lawful owner of that gun (how would they know that?); and then Person B would have to be approved as the new lawful owner. So in order to know that Person A was the lawful owner, he/she would have had to previously registered that gun, filing the appropriate paperwork to prove that a) he/she actually owns the gun and b) that he/she has the lawful right to own that gun.

Still with me?

Some other issues: who pays for this background check? How long will those checks take? If it’s taking the state of Colorado upwards of 10-14 days NOW, what happens when you add a few hundred thousand private sales into the system every year?

The problem is that universal background checks is a hypothetical; so when it comes to how to implement this mess, we need to be asking the questions on how this is going to work.

Just like everything else, think this through. Don’t take the media or some politician’s word for it. Even these “baby steps” to gun control can have far-reaching effects – and others are intentionally packaged to seem harmless, but are instead yet another play to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens like you and me.


2 comments on “Universal Background Checks

  1. My concern with “universal” backgrounds checks is two-fold. First, as you laid out so clearly, there’s actually no way for them to be universal.

    But second (and more frightening), it’s that background checks produce a bureaucratic bottleneck through which our basic human rights must squeeze, drop by strangled drop. Did you know that in some counties in New York, it takes up to one and a half years to get approval to buy a firearm? That is not acceptable in a free society, but it is the inevitable outcome of putting your rights in the hands of bureaucrats.

  2. I could not agree more. I’m trying to buy an NFA gun right now, so you’re spot-on. Thanks Kathy!

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